Is Tea Really Good For Your Teeth?


We have all learned about drinks that are harmful to the teeth. Drinks including pop up and sports drinks and citrus juices can do damage to our teeth. These drinks have acids like citric, phosphoric or lactic acid which can strip off the enamel of your own teeth. Our enamel would be that the protective coating in our teeth, even when this protective coating is damaged or worn down it cannot be mended. That means you can see how important to take care of our teeth. Afterall it has to give us a lifetime.

The Way It Can Boost Your Teeth

That means you may wonder exactly what exactly is gum bad for your teeth drinks are good for your teeth? Water is good, but some times you may want something with more flavor. Another terrific calorie-free drink that’s excellent for your pearly whites is tea. Any kind of authentic tea — black, green or green tea — is a good choice. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea if it is unsweetened. Of course including a bunch of sugar isn’t going to produce it the best option anymore.

Tea is very good for the teeth for various reasons. For starters it doesn’t contain those damaging acids. But beyond that tea even offers a little fluoride in it that could greatly strengthen your teeth. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help promote a healthy atmosphere for your gums and teeth.

Other Benefits

The fantastic thing is that natural beverage has a variety of different health promoting properties also. Replacing daily sodas with unsweetened tea will help you eliminate weight. Not only will your substitute for empty calories with something healthiest but also this tasty beverage may also assist in your metabolism a little.

This natural drink is full of antioxidants which may help improve cardiovascular health and fitness. It is also being studied because of it’s potential means to help block things as serious as diabetes and cancer.

Expanding Your Palate

The fun factor is enjoying this beverage can turn into a pastime. Once you recognize there is a whole universe of tea on the market, out of what you purchase in the food store, you can try out a variety of different types to find unique ones for different moods or occasions. From Chinese Oolong tea to Orange Pekoe you can readily locate a variety of teas to savor on a daily basis.