FODMAP Intolerance, The Problem And Solution to Control It


What is FODMAP?

For a layman’s, schooling of restraining the FODMAP diet could possibly be a sign of some significant medical condition, whereas the simple fact is it’s not as serious as it sounds. The issue mainly arises as a result of malabsorption of pure carbohydrates and sugars available in the food consumed by us on daily basis. This may surprise to most people, because today, issue of diabetes has emerged among the typical physical problems in people of age groups, particularly among the working young ones.

Well, before proceeding ahead, I need to understand something out of you people. Are you aware that the sugarfree milk you drink as a wholesome diet is enriched with sugar and carbohydrates as well as even the fruits you eat every day are also accentuated with carbohydrates and sugar? When because of any cause, if your body is not able to even digest or absorb these food items, the person is asked to minmise the FODMAP diet. The signs of this problem are very common and arise at the form of nausea, bloating, pain in abdomen, constipation etc..

The abbreviation of all FODMAP refers to Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. They are further defined as:fodmap diet

Fermentable, it is the condition where carbs and sugar are broken in the massive bowl from the germs;
Oligosaccharides, it is combination of two words”oligo” and”saccharides” speaking to few sugars .
Just how FODMAP items create the physical issues?
If the small intestine of a person is Unable to consume natural and sugar carbohydrates, they move to the large intestine, Leading to happening to subsequent difficulties:

The FODMAP items are fermented by the bacteria found in the large bowel, resulting in the development of gas;
At the next case that the large bowl attracts water.
The happening of the situations results in occurrence of problems like bloating, pain in abdomen, dehydration, constipation etc.,.