Quick Guide to Renting Medical Equipment


For medical administrators, there are many deciding factors that come with the decision of renting medical equipments instead of making a purchase. Some of those factors may be the cost efficiency, longevity and consistency of the equipment usage, its importance inside the medical clinics or hospitals, etc.

Consider different options before leasing medical equipments

Before renting out any equipment, make sure you do your research and decide which leasing options would be the best fit for your needs for the equipment being borrowed. There are two basic leasing options: a true lease, also known as an operating lease and a fair market value lease.

A true lease (operating lease): This option allows your lease payments to stay the same during the life of the contract. You would just return the equipment after the lease comes to an end. There might be a small cleaning fee for the equipment towards the end of your rental though MAC 5500 HD.
A fair market value lease: This option offers you a chance to buy your rented equipment after the lease has expired for its fair market value. This isn’t a bad option if you expect to remain using the equipment for a long time. Just make sure to get the fair market value price in a written agreement in your lease contract.

Research and consult with experienced medical equipment leasing companies

Ask for a referral from the manufacturer to verify that they are a reputable rental company. Look for leasing companies that understand the technological equipment and have a good relationship with manufacturers. Try looking into hospitals and specialized medical equipment suppliers.

Other helpful tips to renting medical equipment

Take into account, such as additional personnel and supplies you might need to operate the equipment when calculating the potential financial benefit of renting. Make sure to check your lease agreement for any hidden fees and oversights. Some rental companies might include premium insurance in your monthly payment total, while others might charge you an administration fee.